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Title Name Speciality
Associate Professor  and Chair Young,Shuh-Sen Taxonomy, Ecology and Evolution, Invertebrate, Ornithology, Ichthyology
Professor Ching-Fu Lee Classification and Determination of Micro-Organisms,Microbial Genetics,Microbial Biotechnology,Protein Expression and Secretion
Professor Pei Jui-Hsiang Semiconductor Physics, Surface Physics, Condensed Matter Physics
Professor Lin, Chih-Ming High Pressure Physics, Solid State Physics
Professor Chang,Jessie Jyh-Ching Theoretical Atomic Physics
Associate Professor Duh,Ming-Chin Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Nuclear Physics, Environment Science, Nuclear Power
Associate Professor Chou,Hsiu-Chuan Cell biology, Immunology, Biomedical
Associate Professor Chang,Li-Hsueh Biology, Biological Chemistry, Physiology, Genetics
Associate Professor Chen,Ying-Chien Materials synthesis and identification, Tissue engineering, Regenerative medicine
Associate Professor Huang,Shing-Fan Plant taxonomy, biogeography
Associate Professor Huang, Hsiu-Chen Oncology, Natural products, Development of chinese herbal medicines
Assistant Professor Hung,Hsueh-Hsing Synchrotron Radiation Experiment Research, Condensed Matter Physics
Assistant Professor Chen Fu-Chin Plant Microtechnique, Large Fungus Taxonomy, Russula Fungus Taxonomy
Assistant Professor Neng-Ti Yu Geology, Stratigraphy, Geomorphology, Geology of Earthquake, Field Geology, Sedimentology
Title Name Speciality
Professor and President Tseng Hsien-Cheng Thermodynamics, Polymer Processing, Separation Techniques
Associate Professo Chiang,Hui-Jean Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry
Professor Huang Chien-Yu Organic Chemistry, Organic Synthesis, Organometallic Chemistry


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